Kayaking is an activity in which we descend the rivers of the Pyrenees and challenge their rapids aboard the fastest and most versatile vessels ever. Your movements will be crucial to take your kayak by rapids of different difficulties. If you have never kayaked before we have courses for all levels, and we can adapt the course to your time availability. If you are an experienced kayaker, but would rather not to go alone, we can guide you through the different rivers of the Pyrenees and let you into the secrets of this sport and the Pyrenees’  rivers. We also have Tandem Kayaks so you can descend safely with our monitors and enjoy as if you were alone. Contact us and we help you choose the routes best suited for you.


Climbing is an adventure sport in which participants climb through natural rock formations. We offer different climbing activities, according to your level of experience and your needs. We have climbing activities that you can do even if you have never climbed before. Are you an experienced climber? We offer activities for more advanced and daring climbers, as well as rental equipment, specialized guides, and advice. Therefore, if you want to do an initiation or an advanced course, as well as sport routes of several lengths, we will help you!