We are a group of professionals who love nature and passionate about adventure sports. We like to project, we like to dream and we love to travel, meet people, cultures and above all, we practice respect for what surrounds us.

We have more than 30 years of experience, always with the same passion for what we do, always with a smile, because it is the way we approach life.

The Aventura Raid Sarratillo team is formed by a group of professionals in active and adventure tourism, a sector to which we have always contributed our knowledge and our technical and security skills, the basis of a good quality service in our activities.

Our professional experience has been developed around the world and in different conditions, which has given us a wide experience in the planning and development of our activities.

Therefore, our technical and safety training is certified and approved at national and international levels.

In Aventura Raid Sarratillo we are aware of the importance of care and respect for the environment, which is why we take care of, and prioritize, each detail of what surrounds us

in order to enjoy all our adventure activities, making sure that our actions are responsible and sustainable.

Therefore we will not guide you … We will accompany you to discover that there is always something to surprise us.